Biobox and SEWPACKSA


South African suppliers of wastewater treatment package plants have joined forces to create a self-regulatory association aimed at improving the overall quality and standards of this important business sector.

SEWPACKSA (Small Wastewater Treatment Works Suppliers Association) is an association of like-minded professionals in the water treatment industry. They aim to have a notable and sustainable impact on all aspects of water management in South Africa to ensure clean water for future generations.


The demand for sewage package plants in unserviced or underserviced municipal areas and remote locations has constantly been increasing, but yet the supply and management of these plants has been largely unregulated.

Why SEWPACKSA matters to you

One of the association's first tasks is to adopt common guidelines and develop an accreditation framework for suppliers, which will lead to better design and construction, sufficient maintenance and better mechanical performance.

"We will set out the standards and regulations for the package plant industry within the context of existing water management laws and management, which will offer municipalities and end-users greater peace of mind when it comes to the quality of package plants" - Karl Juncker - SEWPACKSA