Recycle 100% of the water
you’ve already paid for.

Biorock® is the only domestic sewage treatment plant in the world that requires no electricity and meets the highest standards.

The revolutionary Biorock is used to treat wastewater where there is no connection to a municipal sewer.

These include:

  • Single homes and residential estates
  • Game lodges & wildlife reserve gate houses
  • Holiday resorts
  • Remote offices
  • Rural schools and boarding houses
  • Rural clinics or council offices
  • Border posts
  • Mine change houses
  • Remote petrol stations and shopping complexes

Since 1988, Biorock systems have provided users across the globe with a simple, effective and revolutionary sewage treatment and water recycling solution. With over 30,000 systems in operation today, Biorock is not only tried and tested, but has an extensive track record!

Biorock mirrors nature to treat sewage by biological processes in a compact, visually unobtrusive (underground), silent and odour-free system. The process is completely electricity free, which eliminates noisy pumps and blowers, and ultimately offering a lifetime of savings.

The Biorock treatment philosophy enhances and combines the principles of primary separation (septic tank) and aerobic biological filtration (conventional trickling filters). The final treated effluent exceeds local wastewater discharge standards and surpasses the highest regulations and norms, including the several prestigious certifications.

Typical final effluent quality from a Biorock system will be:

Parameter DWA Requirement (General Limits) Biorock Final Effluent
pH 5.5-9.5 6.0
COD (mg/l) 75 <50
Conductivity (ms/m) 70 <50
Suspended solids (mg/l) 25 <10
Ammonia (mg/l) 6 <5
Nitrate (mg/l) 15 <10
Ortho-Phosphate (mg/l) 10 <5

Biorock features:

  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Can be newly installed or retrofitted to upgrade septic or conservancy tanks
  • Modular design, expandable for up to 100 people
  • Can be installed below or above ground and in extreme climatic conditions
  • Completely quiet and odourless
  • Clear and odourless final treated water ideal for irrigation